Gentoo Cpufreq Driver

Gentoo cpufreq driver

Build the nginx input plugin collects number of requests handled and the number of current connections by connection state by the nginx daemon. Having laptop-mode-tools installed on the system does not automatically enable the power management features that may be needed. Please read the bit Chroot Guide.

However, when you have a bit application, you are unable to mix it with bit libraries or vice versa. Build the fscache input plugin collects information about the file-system based caching infrastructure for network file-systems and other slow media. That is a difficult question to answer.

Hope you get it working to your liking. Warning Switching from a no-multilib to a multilib-enabled profile is currently not supported, so think over your decision twice before you use the no-multilib profile. Though I know from experience that this requires a lot of configuration tweaking.

Build the processes input plugin collects the number of processes, grouped by their state or detailed statistics about selected processes. In such cases, the feature from the laptop mode tools must be disabled so that both tools do not fight over the same resource control. The next few sections will help the user configure laptop-mode-tools to suit specific needs.

Although some of the information in this guide can be applied to power management for servers, it is not the intention of this document to go that route. Build the python language binding plugin embeds a Python interpreter into collectd for writing plugins. Build the contextswitch input plugin collects the number of context switches done by the operating system. Mounted root reiserfs filesystem readonly. The laptop-mode-tools package supports plugins or modules which have their own configuration file s.

Thankyou for sharing your experience, etherealflaim. It does not necessarily mean that the package does not work. Build and install the new kernel if necessary and reboot. Build the protocols input plugin collects information about the network protocols supported by the system. Within this document, the primary focus will be on laptop mode tools since it offers a complete set of functionalities.

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It will most certainly break the Portage tree and render the system useless. Documents containing Metadata Todo articles Core system. Yet, the operating system must support the various power saving functionalities too.

Build the logfile output plugin receives log messages from collectd and writes them to a text file. You can choose whether you want multilib support or not by selecting the according profile. Warning You may experience build failures on multilib systems if you deactivate this option.

Build the tokyotyrant input plugin collects number of records and file size from a running Tokyo Tyrant server. Documents containing Metadata Todo articles Power management. This document describes the setup of power management features for laptops.

Build the filecount input plugin counts the number of files in a directory and all its subdirectories. This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

You have to compile your kernel with support for these features. You can, however, natively without emulation run bit applications if all shared libraries it needs are available as bit objects. Please be careful when applying this on a non-laptop system.

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Copyright Gentoo Foundation, hdp5000 printer driver Inc. This guide covers the configuration of a Gentoo system to manage power-hungry resources in a flexible-yet-automated manner. Build the memcachec input plugin queries one or more given pages from a memcached instance and parses the returned data according to user specification. You can use almost all kernel sources available in Portage. Build the irq input plugin collects the number of times each interrupt has been handled by the operating system.

The following example shows you can tell Portage to accept the installation of the given package under any keyword. For everyday use, there is almost no difference between bit and bit. Build the vmem input plugin collects information about the virtual memory subsystem of the kernel.

In some cases, you will experience a performance improvement, in other cases you will not. For Intel processors used in laptops since you may want to enable additional advanced features - Thermal and powercap sysfs.

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Gentoo cpufreq driver

Build the df input plugin collects file system usage information, i. If not, apm offers all that is needed. Build the netlink input plugin collects statistics for interfaces, qdiscs, classes and filters using netlink socket. Build the disk input plugin collects performance statistics of disks and, where supported, partitions. Do note that there are only certain steps to which most processors will scale.

The default is a multilib-enabled profile. There are different kernel sources in Portage sys-kernel. However, we will also refer to other tools that might offer a more detailed approach on individual settings. The performance governor should be selected as the default.

Gentoo cpufreq driver

In recent years, power management has become one of the differentiating features in the quest for finding the perfect laptop. Be sure to read any messages displayed by the ebuild once it has been emerged. Now, one of the important settings in each configuration file is if the laptop-mode-tools package should govern a particular setting or not. Build the battery input plugin collects the battery's charge, the drawn current and the battery's voltage. Build the gmond input plugin receives data from gmond, the client daemon of the Ganglia project.

Build the conntrack input plugin tracks the number of entries in Linux's connection tracking table. Build the perl language binding plugin embeds a Perl interpreter into collectd for writing plugins. To make sure settings do not collide, it is not allowed to have overlapping settings. We already selected the governors we want to use in the kernel configuration earlier.

Build the vserver input plugin collects information about the virtual servers running on a system, using Linux-Vserver. You can unmask it by accepting another architecture or set of architectures for the package. This allows the software to poll the Linux kernel Power Supply interface, getting more detailed information on battery charge. Build the threshold plugin checks values against configured thresholds and creates notifications if values are out of bounds.

But it is not the only configuration file to work with. This means that the package has not been tested yet.