Atlas Pd-5vh Drivers For Windows

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There are many different types of speaker drivers. The remaining inventory was purchased by a well known Speaker Manufacturer.


Display as a link instead. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Prevailing Winds Technology, Inc. Fast, Friendly, Scintillating! Thats where the clarity comes in Ive been harping about.


Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Used to set the proper height for the horn rotor.

This item must be purchased via telephone. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It is expressed in terms of watts, milliwatts or microwatts.

Shown on the Artichect and Engineer Specifications page. Replacement gaskets for the original Jensen V driver. Resources Online Pricing Inquiry.

The horn is my Trachorn prototype. This means it will allow extended high power operation without amplifying upper end key click and noise. Made from the same fiber material as the original gaskets. You don't need a graph to see the spike, you can feel it driving into your forehead. Any calls that were not toll free, I paid for myself, including the faxing of the information to Bob.

Includes horn mounting screws. Not all six may be required for your installation due to manufacturing differences and tolerance changes over the driver's long production history.

Units are finished in grey, baked epoxy. Replacements for the three grommets mounted on vintage and modern day spindle plates. Click for the specifications on this speaker.

Fast, Friendly, Accomodating! This was so I could change to a longer horn for other tests and have the same distance reference. Bolts on to the Leslie driver baffle via the existing driver mounting holes. Used in some Hammond Suzuki Leslies. Replica of the original horn spindle used in many Leslie speaker models.

Sure, there's what it does, and then the part is does that we can use. Please complete this form and we will have one of our audio experts get in touch with you. Includes mounting screws, wiring and plug to connect to the amplifier.

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Atlas Sound PD-5VH Compression Driver

We are equipped to get you what you need, when you need it. You will receive a link to reset your password. You really get me sometimes with your tactfulness!

Call Us for Product Availability. Includes rubber and metal thrust washers and horn mounting screws. Fast, Friendly, Kindhearted!

The horn is also important to the frequency response. Product or Product Category of Interest.


Paste as plain text instead. We have decades of experience working with our suppliers. Replica of the original horn bearing used in the horn rotors on many Leslie speaker models. Current production rubber thrust washer for old style spindle plate.

Atlas Sound Pro Audio Equipment. Less common types of speaker drivers are supertweeters and rotary woofers, dell 1501 inspiron driver for windows 7 a new technology that is still proprietary of Eminent Technology. This was done after the prior discussion of drivers.

Atlas Sound Pd-5vh Compression Driver 40 Watt 16 Ohms